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Plano-Convex Lens

Plano convex lenses are used in many applications including telescopes, collimators, magnifiers, optical transceivers and condensers. These lenses have a plane and a convex surface. They may be combined with other lenses to form complex imaging system.

Plano-Concave Lens

A plano-concave lens is compose of a plane and concave surface, has a negative focal length and negative spherical aberration, which often can be used to expand beam or increase focal length, and balance out aberrations of other lenses in the system.

Double-Convex Lens

A double-convex lens is compose of two convex surfaces, has a positive focal length. Normally Bi-Convex lenses are most suitable where the object and image are on opposite sides of the lens, and are popular for many imaging applications.

Double-Concave Lens

A double-concave lens is compose of two concave surface, has a negative focal length and are best used to diverge a converging beam. Similar to a plano-concave lens, a bi-concave lens can diverge a collimated beam to a virtual focus like a beam expander.

Meniscus Lens

Meniscus lenses can be used with another lens to produce longer or shorter focal lengths. These lenses do not introduce additional spherical aberration or coma in the systems.

Achromatic Lens

An achromatic doublet is the combination of positive and negative elements with different refractive indices. They are computer-optimized to correct for on-and off-axis spherical and chromatic aberrations. When these doublets are used to focus or collimate, the most steeply curved (shortest radius) surface should face the collimated light.

Ball Lens

Ball lens can be used in high temperature, pressure and toxic environment especially in fine chemical, the visual system bio-pharmaceuticals, and military control cutting core.