Optical Components


BX-0.3 BX-0.55 D-0.7 D-0.55 D-1.0 I-0.7 I-1.0 RX-0.3 RX-0.55

Blue Glass

1.Band-pass filter
A.Orange glasses
B.Blue glasses (IR cut glass)
C.Brown glasses
D.Black and blue glasses (UV transmitting)
E.Heat absorbing glasses
2.Long-pass filter
A. IR transmitting glasses
We design and manufacture optical filter to meet our customer’s needs.not only supplu standard filter.
BWD-500 series
BWD-550 series
BWD- BAH series
BWD- BIN series

Properties :
IR cut(absorption)
Applications :
1.CCD/CMOS camera
2.Night vision system

Properties :
Band-pass filter(Green)
Applications :
Optical instrument

Properties :
Heat absorbing glass
Applications :
1. Operation light
2. Cold light

Properties :
IR transmitting
Applications :
1.Searching light
2.Range finder