Equipment - Grinding Machine

Horizontal Cutting Machine 

USAGE: Available for assorted angles cutting from blanks apectacles.magnifier,telescope camera lemses.
SIZE: 1100(L)X610(W)X1300(H)m/m

L-Size 2-End Gringing Machine 

USAGE: Axle precision core grinding machine. This model is psecially rsed for grinding sand(powder)of rough or precision grinding.Next step,use the grinding liquid to polish unti it becomes a shiny mirror surface. Finally,assemble them and inject the acrylic.PC lenses.
SIZE: 1100(L)X950(W)X1650(H)m/m 450kg


USAGE: Available for polis hing magnifier/telescope/lenses for photographic cameras etc.por cessing after HC101,HC-804 performed
SIZE: 2700(L)X750(W)X1700(H)m/m

Half Automatically Rolls Machine  

1.Lens thickness ranging from 0.2mm-20mm

2.The outside diameter of lens ranging from 2.0mm-150mm.(need to change the ortside diameter of diamond grindstone)

3.lens thickness 0.3mm can clip 15 top 25 lenses without rsing adhesive

4.Standard deviation of the outside diameter of lens is +-0.03mm

5.Standard deviation of lens indentations is+-0.02mm(speo of the grindstone granule is 600#)

6.Standard deviation of the outside diameter of lens true roundness is +-0.03mm

7.Standard deviation of the outside diameter of lens from head to toe is +-0.03mm

8.the most suitable thickness of jig lens is from 10mm-15mm