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CNC Glass Cutting Machine 

NC Glass Cutting Machine

Round Glass Cutting Machine



Glass Thickness 0.2 ~8mm
Outer arc 5mm(min)
Inner arc 30m/m(min.)
Status round, super-rqatio irregular
Purpose rearview mirror, cosmetic mirror, optical & gift mirror.
1-10 sec/pc (depending on the shapes)

Diamond holder is changable on different arc of cutting Concave & convex spherical surface.
Diamond holder is exchengable between spherical and flat surface cutting.
The cutting head is active, and the cutting is light.
The cutting line is even and the cut is glossy.
Extremely thin glass is also availacle for cutting
No space in cutting swivels, joint is precise.
Cutting speed is auto shift.
Cutting speed is adjustable according to the shape
Mold is not necessary for round cutting
Cutting oil releases automatically.
The ratio of long & short side for cutting is not restricted.(not exceeding cutting limitation)
Common shapes are available for cutting.
Metal grinding table
Cutting Examples(attached drawings)